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MinnowPowerUp daily summary for October 04, 2019.


6 months ago

Welcome to the @MinnowPowerUp daily report for October 04, 2019-
By today, 2 minnows have chosen to Power Up the smart way!
Power hungry minnows have subscribed to 1 shares with an average of 0.5 shares per minnow
Total steem power of the @MinnowPowerUp delegation pool is now 4117 STEEM
Today @MinnowPowerUp will upvote 6 posts with an estimated total value of 0.65$
Have a nice day and remember that you too can Power Up Smart!

@MinnowPowerUp is a subscription based daily upvote bot that draws its power from a delegation pool. Delegated STEEM power is the most efficient way to power up your STEEM and by pooling up your delegations, you can maximize the gains of your delegated STEEM power even easier. Send 4 STEEM per share to receive upvotes for 29 days. Click here to learn more on how to power up the smart way!


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