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What is the Hive Blockchain to You?


13 days ago2 min read

When people come onto Hive, their perceptions of it likely influence what they are looking to gain from it. The biggest take away of the blockchain for me is that it's a permanent ledger. What goes on it should forever be saved and retrievable somewhere. Yet this isn't the main reason for me posting content here. For me it was the chance to blog, without having to figure out how to run my own blog and the potential to earn a little something for it was desirable too. However, the layout wasn't really what I'd expected for a blog and its not exactly easy to locate previous content, short of scrolling for ages.

I've experimented with using it more like a Facebook type feed, but there are those who don't really agree with this approach, due to content quality concerns. Yet when I joined, it was being touted as a social media platform. I believe many still refer to it as social media.

Some are more drawn to the idea of the immutable blockchain and what they post is content that they feel needs or deserves to be recorded permanently. Someone has spent hours transcribing documents from the world war onto the blockchain, in order to preserve this information that could one day be lost, as paper isn't indestructible.

Some focus more on the idea of it being decentralised and where they won't be censored like they might be on other social media platforms. For them it might be a place to express themselves more freely.

So what is Hive for you and do you think it's a place that can be broad enough to be lots of different things for different people?

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