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What happens influencer meets real believers??


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That very moment, when @theycallmedan came up with the brilliant idea of asking the Steem community, "How has Steem impacted your life" ever since you became a member of the Steem family, I found one more reason to love this place even more than a few moments prior to that question.

There is no doubt that what we are all fighting for the last few months through various initiatives is to show the world the benefits one can enjoy if they become members of the Steem network, in the hope that finally, all this progress and development will be reflected on STEEM's price.

Besides, the more we attract new members, the higher the probability of increased demand for the STEEM token, hence for the price to go up, right?

But let's just forget all that for a moment, for a moment only...and let's try to see the bigger picture, shall we?

Forget the prices...the progress...charts...rewards...forget everything.

And focus on the human aspect of this particular initiative.

Each and every one of us has their concerns...their everyday struggles...possibly a ton of problems that one would be able to fully understand if they could walk the world in their shoes, maybe...

I happen to be an expert regarding everyday struggles and problems, trust me. Those of you who interact with me the last 2 years or so know that I am a really hard working person that spends more than 13 hours of the day working at a regular and a part time job to make a decent living.

Thankfully I am debt free, but still...13+ hours of the day to make a living? People shouldn't work that much and even if they do they should be payed accordingly. Unfortunately this isn't the case in this part of the world where I live, but it is what it is.

This is exactly why I can totally relate to some amazing pieces of writing such as this one submitted by @roadstories, or this one submitted by @tarakzp and more recently this one submitted by @ericvancewalton for Dan's initiative.

Want some motivation? Then go ahead and read those posts. I have a feeling that these posts are the best possible free advertisement for the Steem ecosystem since they were all shared on various social media platforms. If you've read those and you aren't moved then you are probably not a human being.

These are all hard working people and they are also hard working Steemians who have found shelter under the Steem umbrella. And I know, I just know that there are dozens like them, each with different skills among us.

I have a feeling that this is what Dan was trying to achieve when he launched this initiative. To highlight individuality and showcase how a crypto project may have a real impact on ones life.

Can anyone name another crypto project where an influencer could achieve exactly that? Anyone?

Can anyone name a similar project that is consisted by such hardcore users, not only because one way or another they are mining some tokens here and there, but because that very project they are involved in actually had an impact in their living?

You need more evidence that Steem can be a life-changer? Why don't you ask all those people from Venezuela? Or Nigeria maybe? Or even Thailand?

Really looking forward to read all those entries and I am super excited that you guys found the time to submit...your testimonies.

I have no doubt that Steem will thrive. All a doubter should do is to take a look around...

I am not in a hurry...are you?

Have a great one peeps.

Full Steem ahead.
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