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I wrote a post a couple days back, about how this bear market has benefited everyone who preferred to remain active and contribute to the growth of the platform regardless of STEEM's price, even when in many cases decent authors had to blog for 50% of a few dollars...

What those who have decided to leave because "their time was far more valuable than these few dollars..." don't understand, obviously, is that what matters the most at this stage is that finally there is a better distribution of STEEM tokens and these tokens end up being held by people who have a vision.

They didn't share that very same vision apparently

If your only concern is to blog in the hope of making a few dollars, cash them out and buy a couple of beers then this place ain't for you...and sooner or later this attitude will be noticed by those who support you...

I can't really blame's probably in human nature. It's in our genes...

That very same nature that attracts so many people in Steem when the price goes up and doing everything in their hands to be noticed...wrong timing...absolutely wrong. I remember back in January 2018 this place was overcrowded. No shit...If you happened to visit the introduceyourself tag, a new post was popping up every few seconds.

People from all over the world. WHY? Because STEEM was at 5$ - 6$ - 8$ at the time. And they joined with expectations...Just a handful of them decided to stay as the price declined. I wonder if there is a chart that displays how many of those who joined during the previous bull run are still active now.

You could read dozens of stories, regarding how they bought STEEM at 4$! Then at 3$...that they just wanted a chance to buy cheaper and cheaper.

Where the fuck are all these people now?

It is completely absurd if you ask me. It's like seeing the masses run by thousands into the mall to buy that 8K Super HD smart TV at 5000$ when a while back that very same TV was at 80% discount, yet nobody decided to buy it.

2019-12-01 21_58_22-@dhenz (3Speak).png

This is a part of a mini discussion I had a couple of hours ago in a discord channel with a distinguished member of our community -I won't name names of course.-

Have you realized that your vote could really make a difference the moment the price starts going up? As long as you've powered up even those little earnings.

Especially now where the 50% - 50% split between authors and curators is in full could even be a professional curator. Literally...All it takes is the price to go up...

Ya don't believe me huh?

I don't blame you either...

I know that not everyone can afford to buy STEEM...even know where the price is close to the ATL but the least one could do is to remain active.

I remember @meesterboom saying..."Meh...leave people, and I'll watch that rewards pool for ya all" That's the right mentality...He's committed, he is enjoying what he's doing and you could learn a thing or two if you pay attention to his words...make sure to read between the lines though.

So go ahead...stop blogging...

I'll give meesterboom a hand and make sure that our rewards pool is safe.

Have a good one..

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