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Not the kind of post you would expect from me huh? First time on Dtube.


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Hello everyone!

I know i haven't properly introduced myself to the rest of the vloggers around here (and probably never will) since I am camera phobic, but I thought I should let you see a different aspect of my life.

And YES, this isn't another Steem related post from me :)

I love sports, and this is a small sample of my daily training with my partner / brother, while playing beach rackets.

In case you wonder, yeah, it is an official sport in this side of the world where I live and is actually pretty fascinating. So let me tell you how this goes...

Usually, when we participate in a tournament, there is a high speed camera (like the one used by the police) which measures the speed of the ball. It is triggered only when the speed of the ball is > 65 km/h

So at 65 km/h you get 1 point
At 67 km/h you get 1.1 points
At 70 kh/h you get 1.2 points and so on...

The higher the speed the more points you get. For every drop you get -3 points....

So you and your partner have 10 minutes to make the best possible score among dozens of participants. Yeah, you guessed that right, the guy opposite to you isn't your opponent but your teammate! We are a team...

Pretty simple rules...But trust is way harder than it looks...

I apologize in advance if the quality of the video isn't good enough...

Oh...I am the guy in the black swimming trunks btw.

If you think this is interesting let me know and I can share with you all lots of videos, either from the championship or tournaments or from our training.

Have a great one people!


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