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Saturday night, at least in this part of the world where I live at.

I got back at home a couple of hours ago while she won't be back until almost midnight. Who said that running a business, even if it's a really small cafe is an easy thing to do? Trust me, it isn't...

Damn...I miss those times when I had zero concerns.

You know...I had plans for tonight...I still do actually. Going out...a few drinks...a nice dinner maybe, but she will be exhausted just like I am...and we'll probably end up lie down on the cough watching some random movie I guess.

The price one has to pay in an attempt to make their living a bit more comfortable.

So here I am, again...writing these lines and visualizing a better future. Things have got to a point where crypto currencies might be the only realistic solution to the economic bubble we've created...

To the economic bubble we've inherited...

It might sound completely absurd but it's the truth. Just think about it.

I wasn't asked whether I wanted to be born in Greece or in Switzerland. It just happened...

Neither did people who drink water from the mud in some third world country were asked...It also happened...

Don't get me wrong here. I love my country and I am really proud of being a Greek.

It is just that at times, I wish things were a bit easier. People aren't supposed to work 14 hours a day and still live paycheck to paycheck...and the truth is that we have no other choice at the moment.

Is there anyone around here who supports the current economic model? I think not...Unless you've inherited a fleet and a few billion dollars of course...that would make sense.

But for the rest of us who happen to dream of a better world where people will have control of their funds and not the other way around, investing in crypto currencies is the only thing that makes sense.

It doesn't necessarily have to be Steem. Steem ain't the only project that can bring value in real life. There are also other coins/projects out there, few but there are that not only will survive the crypto winter but will eventually thrive.

Every single leech out there, governments / banks / corporations you name it.... has been fighting cryptos because it is unthinkable for them to not have the absolute control of your life. It is unthinkable for them that there will be a moment that they won't be able to live off of you...and me...

They don't want us to get rid of them...

Draining your life savings is the only vital solution for them...

That's how I know that we are on the right track. If they didn't care...they wouldn't even bother. But they feel the threat...

Have you heard the story that went viral? You know...the one where a guy payed 10K BTC for 2 pizzas?

I don't want to be that guy...And it really saddens me to see people quit...Every single Steem token that I earn is valuable to me. Even those tiny fractions...the 0.01 so to speak.

I won't talk about the benefits of being an early adopter in this thing....Numbers speak for themselves. Nor will I talk about the potential Steem know that already...

You've seen it...the ones who found out about BTC back in 2010...

The only thing one had to do was to spend 100$ in BTC back in 2010 and hold it for a decade. Bang! success.

Maybe the only thing one have to do nowadays is to spent those same 100$, buy Steem and hold if for a decade as well...and if you can't afford it...then simply don't quit.

Food for thought

Have a great one people.
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