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Awareness Space #4: Drugs🚩

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You are invited to our new prevention debate:

The word "drug" is stigmatized as negative, due to the disastrous consequences that have been because of the inappropriate use of certain substances, however, the term "drug" is a generic word, includes both pharmacological products, governed and controlled by standards doctors, as for those substances made by criminal organizations or even in a home-made way. In both cases, the list of names, types and side effects is big.

The inappropriate use of drugs can be observed in all countries, victims can be of different ages and economic levels. Of all the methods to prevent drug addiction, the most effective has been education.

So, in order to follow this debate, you have to comment this post with you opinion about it. The main topic will be Drugs.

Choose one or more questions of the list below and participate!


  • What are drugs?
  • What are the consequences of the inappropriate use of drugs?
  • What are the causes of drug use without medical supervision?
  • Relationship between disappearances of people and drugs
  • Are there good drugs?

Contribute and you will be rewarded, how will it be?:

  • Make a comment on this publication, answering any of the questions raised in the agenda.
  • You can make a post, where you develop one of the proposed topics or questions, and then leave us in the comments the link to your publication.
  • You can also contribute and give some added value, if you comment or publish any personal experience related to Alzheimer's disease, it has to be of an instructive nature, even some poetry or literature writings inspired by this proposed topic could be taken into account.
  • You can also tell us what your community is doing in terms of risk prevention against Alzheimer's disease.

Each post and comment related to the proposed theme will be rewarded in WLS.


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