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Sketching Particles


2 months agoSteemit2 min read




Decided to play around with some particles sims tonight. These are the sort of sketches I do regularly just to figure new things out and experiment with the tools.

I made these images using Cinema 4D and the x-particles plugin for Cinema. They were rendered with Octane Render which is one of the most popular gpu renderers out there. It's popularity is well deserved. I'm a part of the Octane Facebook group and it has around 35k members. That one ultra niche group is several times bigger than the currently active users on Steem. We have a lot of room to grow into and I'm stoked about the developments happening here. I hope we can figure out how to communicate the value here. I can see that there are people here that don't even see it.

That's fine by me honestly. I'm really liking the improvements I'm seeing on recently added was upvote values on notifications of upvotes. Slowly but surely, all these little features that were missing are getting plugged in. If you didn't see my last post there's also proper notifications as well.


Anyway, I didn't mean for this to turn into a #promo-steem post, so I'll just end it with more promotion :D

If you haven't checked out #steemartstation the community for visual artists, check it out here and give us a follow!

If you're an artist, would love to see you contributing. I'm currently thinking of a carrot I can dangle to get people participating. There may be a contest in the works, we'll see.

Anyway, thanks for looking peeps!


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