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Paint and Swords and Flowers


2 months ago2 min read


Well, this was my last demo for the semester. It's been a weird one. I won't miss Zoom glitching out while I'm trying to paint or the feeling like I'm talking to myself since I can't see the students. Hopefully the world returns to normal soon.

I like this one, more than the first one, but not as much as the one from last week. My favorite part of this one is the hair. I pretty much jacked up the face. All in all this is a little over three hours to paint. Here's how the process went.

Normally in a close up I focus on the face, but as I said, I like the hair on this one, so look at it!


I haven't had time to play around in Cinema 4D lately so I might be doing some of that next. I also am finally going through the process of getting set up on MakersPlace and SuperRare to start selling art there like a lot of other Hivers do. Shoutout to @juliakponsford for hand holding the newb :) The identity verification on these things is pretty intense.

In unrelated news, something I wanted to mention, but probably isn't worth it's own post. I'll be going around, especially in OCA, but also outside and finding posts with a lot of engagement and making it rain tips to promote tipping and educate people that the feature is there, since it's a little hidden on PeakD. Did you know you could tip comments on PeakD? You can, and I think in the end, depending on your stake level, I think it might be cheaper than upvoting. As in, I'd probably earn more using that voting power to vote on something where I'll earn a nice curation reward worth more than I send someone in liquid Hive. .1 Hive, which is the lowest amount you can send is a little over .03 cent, and if you find a post that has high engagement, you can go through and tip everyone really cheaply.

So I encourage you all to try it out and reward the people who take the time to engage on your posts. It would be great if that became the norm again.

Okay, I've rambled enough. See you all in the next post!


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