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Splinterlands Twitter Giveaway


2 months agoSteemit


So as some of you noticed DarkEnergyCrystals are also listed on for a few days now.

They have a vote on twitter for their newest 3 Tokens and DEC is also in the vote.

Therefore we from Splinterlands Telegram started a small giveaway of 10,000 DEC.

After the vote has ended we will draw 5 people and they will get their share from the 10,000 DEC.

1st Place 5,000 DEC
2nd Place 3,000 DEC
3rd Place 1,000 DEC
4th & 5th 500 DEC each

Participation is pretty simple, just click on the twitter link and vote for DEC, make a screenshot of your vote and post it in our official telegram


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