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Make Non Stop Heron’s Fountain With Plastic Bottle

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5 months agoSteemit2 min read

Sometimes we want to show children how to make things that they are not use to.

I think this can be made at home as a gift you can even paint it and put it in your room.

Your mother might like this as a gift and enjoy it as much as you do.

This is something that we must have a grown up helping because there are some cutting to be done and children should have help.

It is so interesting, and it is easy.

The biggest problem is that there should be someone who can do the cutting work for the child.

Can you imagine going to school and showing your friends this wonderful invention that you made with a parent.

If you want to make this as a birthday gift remember not to let the person you are making it for see so ask someone to help you.

It is a wonderful gift and you can even paint the bottles the way they would enjoy them.

I love that children rather do things like this than just sit in front of the television every day.

This might stimulate their ideas and they might come up with their own.

It just makes the child think.

I hope you enjoy this and have a lot of fun.

Have a wonderful day from me here at the Wild Coast.

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