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Trust in knowing that we are all One


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I was born in the right city.
I was born in the right country.
My ideas are the correct ones.
The way I live my life is the proper way.
They way that I am is the way that I should be.

To some degree, all of us feel this way.

With each choice we further solidify the belief that our actions are correct.

There is nothing wrong with this ...
but what happens when someone acts differently?


fear and hatred of strangers or foreigners or of anything that is strange or foreign.

We have all experienced this phenomena.
It has deep roots, like many innate behaviors, in survival.


To our ancestors, a stranger could mean a threat, or possibly the loss of ones life.
There were real reasons to distrust those that we did not know.

We have evolved to carry this distrust with us ...

it is our duty to grow past this

We live in an interconnected world.
Technology has bridged the gaps that once separated us.
People of all shapes, sizes and colors are now commingling... with great success!

Yet, this phenomenon of distrust still hampers our evolution.

how can we expand??

Knowledge is the great liberator.

To see our fellow man as an equal is paramount to transcending this fear. Science has shown us that regardless of race our DNA ties us all together. Knowing this we can see that foreigners are no strangers to us. The same blood runs through all of our veins.

Awareness is key.

Oneness meditation is a tool we can all use. Discovering the connectedness of our very cells can allow us to see the same connections in the world around us. When we discover the energy that connect us all together we no longer see a distinction between you and I, but rather the oneness that we all are.


There is no greater threat to mankind than the fear of his fellow kin. Not until we have let go of these fears can we begin to come together as one. It will be in this oneness that we move forward.

Go out into the world and embrace your brothers and sisters.
Rejoice in the differences that we all have.
Allow yourself to be at rest, knowing that we all come from the same mother.

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