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Love of good friends

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On the entire first day of the school, the young man pulled on the educator's sleeve. The instructor laughed and said, "I do not understand, for what reason don't you go over and make proper acquaintance with her..." The young man gradually strolled towards the little charming young lady and said "Hi.." and waved at her. The young lady said "Hi.." and waved back at him. The two of them grinned at one another and chuckled a little and from that day on they were best of companions. Fifteen years passed, and they were still the best of companions and see each other frequently. They would reveal to one another anything and trust their most profound privileged insights, except for that one mystery the two of them concealed somewhere inside, that feeling of affection they fell for each other. The two of them were too modest even to consider revealing their actual affections because of a paranoid fear of what they as of now have, an everlasting fellowship. They would sit at the recreation center together for quite a long time, looking at everything without exception. The kid would continually bring his guitar along and talk about his energy for music. The young lady would discuss her fantasies and goals and her enormous day, the day she would get hitched. She would dependably say to the kid "Hello, I'll welcome you to my wedding. You can, in the exceptionally first line.." Every time the kid heard these words, he would stop and contemplate internally "However I would prefer not to be the person sitting in the front row... I need to be fellow hanging tight for you toward the finish of the aisle. The person who will grasp your turn in marriage.." Little did the person realize that at precisely the same time he would think about these musings, the young lady would think "Please stop me if you don't mind disclose to me you need to be the person sitting tight for me to stroll down the aisle... what's more, state those three words that would mean everything to me.." But obviously, he doesn't.

At some point, the person was going for a walk around the vast area. The young lady was strolling inseparably with someone else; the couple came nearer together and kissed. He couldn't be uncovered seeing any longer and rapidly ran home, figuring the young lady hadn't seen him. Minor words couldn't express the agony he felt inside. He felt as though his entire world had come slamming down. The following day, he woke to the ringing of his telephone, he got and said "Hi.." the young lady said "Hello it's me.." and the person said "Hello, what's up?.." the young lady said "I need comfort in times of dire need... Would you be able to come and meet me at the park?.." the person said "Better believe it... Beyond any doubt, I'll be there soon.." The kid got up, rapidly got dressed, and rushed to the recreation center. At the point when the kid arrived, the young lady was perched on the seat, with tears moving down her face. The person gradually strolled towards the young lady.


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