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Problem Statement

There are now more than a million accounts on steem blockchain, the power of rewards has attracted many more in the past few months. And the credits for all of this goes to developers who have always tried to create something new on steem blockchain to attract more people. But according to an article on Crypto Potato, most of the accounts are inactive, only 160,000 accounts are active and that is only 13 percent of total accounts, but it is still a huge number.

Many people do not get a good guidance on how to use different platforms built on steem blockchain to get good rewards while some are making a fortune out of them. But still, there are many who love to struggle, and they learn more, these are the people who will succeed in the long run.

We have built @merasteem for those people who have ideas to help grow our community of steemians but do not have enough resources or talent to innovate. We believe that people can do miracles if they start doing something together, and since the internet has now become a basic need now, many people who live in villages are also using internet on daily basis.

Internet User Statistics - India 2011

You can see that in 2011 Indian internet users stood at 10.1% and at the same time America had 78.2% and China had 38.4% of its population using the internet.

Internet User Statistics - America & China 2011

But things have changed since then, in 2016 internet users from India went up to 24.3%.

Internet Users Statistics - India 2016

As you can see in just 5 years the percentage increased by 14.2% and in 2018 it increased further and now the total number of internet users from India went up to 500 Million, which is still only 36.2% of its total population and is slightly less than China's number of internet users in 2018.

Internet Users Statistics - India 2018

But according to the world bank, this number is going to increase further and by 2022 India will surpass China. On the other hand, developed nations like America and Britain have a steady number of people on the internet, and it's been the same for half a decade now.

Seeing this rapid growth of internet users from a country like India, we are positive about the social media users that will onboard steem blockchain in the future. So we have built this platform for users who are always hungry for content and have enough resources to access the internet on daily basis.

But what if the number of users we talked about above come to steem? I think they will get a good number of projects built upon steem blockchain that they will love. But we think there should be more than what is available on the steem blockchain. So here is what we have done so far.

What do we offer?

1. Projects/Businesses Support

People who have great ideas but do not have required talent to work on it can showcase their ideas on this platform to attract skilled individuals to work on their projects. There are two categories we have defined in the projects section, Offline, and Online. The online category has sub-categories where people can post their project details, these projects are put in this category because most of the work is done online, sitting at home, and there is no need to commute to a different place. On the other hand, the offline category has sub-categories where people can post their projects which needs local help and cannot be done without commuting to a dedicated place. Project owners will be able to ask for funds from the community to constantly upgrade the projects and make them better.

2. Jobs/Services Feature

People having different skills can come together to work on a single project to make it available to the global audience. Project owners can request for tasks and people will be notified about the new tasks and jobs available to apply for. The only thing people will need to apply for these tasks and jobs will be a specific sort of skill. People working on these tasks/jobs can get remuneration in the form of liquid steem/sbd and/or other types of reward agreed upon by the project owner and the task doer.

Most of the reviews we got from the people we approached were, "your project is similar to utopian". Yes, it is similar to utopian, why not, utopian is our inspiration, it has inspired us to involve people in our venture and get more people to use steem blockchain to transform their lives. Many people who only dream of doing something from their home will now be able to do it.

3. Guilds

Guilds are the next big thing in our project as people with different skills will now be able to come together to create a guild and focus their resources on a particular project that they might not have gotten if they were alone. Guilds get more projects/tasks because they have more resources to provide to businesses. Guilds will have to examine people joining their guilds to make sure that quality is always the priority. We are still figuring this out, so if you have suggestions, you can join our discord server and we can discuss that there.

4. Investment Opportunities for Everybody

People think that new projects and businesses do not have any credibility until most people from the community come to a consensus that the business is actually doing well. People should evaluate projects on the basis of the people working on the project, their skillset and the nature of the business. People investing in the projects will be getting something in return for their investment, it can be anything from free project subscription, to any other form of return on investment strategy.

5. Exchange Facility (Steem/SBD/SMTs - Fiat Currency)

We have talked about this in the past in our post here. People earning money on steem blockchain have always faced difficulties in withdrawing funds to their respective fiat currencies. We have decided to make it a peer-to-peer exchange as many countries do not consider cryptocurrencies to be a legal tender. Countries like India, China have many people who have money to invest and are attracted to crypto space but do not know the best way to invest and earn from cryptocurrencies. Recently there was a post on a blog where the top 100 cryptocurrencies were listed according to their market capitalization and their use cases were discussed there, among them more than 60 percent did not have a product to support their currencies. So obviously there are fewer chances of people investing in these kinds of currencies. As we know steem has many use cases so, we @merasteem believe people do not need any other crypto asset to invest in.

6. Marketplace for local businesses and global space

There are many e-commerce platforms on steem blockchain but most of them have limited products or products that people do not want to buy. We will be building relationships with local businesses in order to sell their products on our platform. Projects started on our platform can also sell their products, the products can be digital or physical products. This will be a fully functional shop for sellers from around the world. Buyers will be able to buy products with STEEM/SBD/SMTs.

7. Reviews/Endorsements for products, projects, and people

People reviewing businesses, products, services, and other people can get rewards for giving reviews. The review is a crucial aspect to give projects/businesses credibility. People can also endorse people if they have worked together. This will help people to get more visibility and credibility in the market and project owners will be able to judge if the person they are hiring is good at what they claim to be good at. Endorsements and reviews will help people searching for new jobs to make it easy for them.

What have we used to create this website? (Technology Stack)

We have used bootstrap v4.1, Javascript, Sass, Slick Slider, jQuery Data Table, and Font Awesome v5 to built this website. We plan to migrate to quasar framework soon. We will be using node.js and MongoDB to build the backend of our website.

What we have done so far?

Home Page

Projects Page

Jobs Page


We will be sharing our roadmap once we have incorporated the basic features needed to make the website work normally. We plan to partner with local businesses to help them build their online stores on our platform. We will be going to colleges and other institutions to inspire people to join this great platform, for that we will be organizing seminars and giving out information about the steem blockchain to people who do not have any idea about what steem blockchain is and what it can do to help them get better working opportunities.

We will be migrating from a simple bootstrap website to quasar once we get a good grip of the framework. We are planning to add support for the fiat currencies in our exchange once it is officially announced by the steem devs. Guild feature will be transformed according to the needs of the people joining us.

How to contribute?

You can contribute when a request is made from us to build something new for our project or make something better which is already there in our platform, for that, we will be using utopian-io to make task requests.

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