"Child Protective" "Services"....A weapon of mass destruction.


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The weaponization of CPS is a hot topic in the blogosphere, though rarely discussed in the mainstream media. The problem seems to be growing, as more and more angry people realize they have a weapon they can toss, and then run away. This weapon is easy to use without any blow back, because of the design of our current "Child Protective" "Services" (CPS) milieu which works on the premise that "whatever is good for getting more kids into the system" is good for kids, families and the country.

Of course, statistics clearly show that kids are way, way better off in mildly abusive or neglectful homes than in the far more (statistically-speaking) neglectful and abusive alternatives into which they are placed by CPS. But that doesn't seem to really be of a concern to anyone but the kids and families who are affected.

The weaponization of CPS is becoming so common that it is now used as a weapon of choices by angry ex-wives/husbands against their former mates in alarmingly high numbers. There does not, of course, have to be anything "real" behind the allegation that sends a family into CPS hell, just that anonymous phone call. That's right ANONYMOUS. Do you see why it's such a popular weapon, especially when used from a public telephone where tracking the number doesn't provide any accountability? It's not just used by exes, though.

Siccing CPS on people is becoming a popular tool for ANYONE who might be angry at some else..a former boyfriend, a "nasty" boss, that teacher or professor who gave out a lower-than-expected grade, you name it. There are even cases of children siccing CPS on their own parents for totally bogus reasons as well.

One of the oddest recent cases is that of Black Lives Matter (BLM) anti-cop-violence activist, Shaun King. Shaun claims to be part black, and his racial makeup is still a hot topic. He has fallen from grace almost completely within the BLM community, and part of it has to do with people claiming he is the male Elizabeth Warren. Still, Shaun--a fairly high-profile individual who has been a writer for prominent publications such as the New York Daily News--is a well-off guy with connections to billionaires, and yet he was STILL a recent target for a CPS prank call.

(Shaun King.)

Here is a link:


Here is an excerpt from the above link:

"Since his rise to prominence as an outspoken figure in the Black Lives Matter movement, he's been repeatedly subjected to conspiracy theories about his racial identity. He says he gets death threats so regularly that 'When I leave my house my wife & kids regularly hug and kiss me like it could be the last time they see me.' But this week has been different. On Wednesday, he took to social media to say, 'Someone hateful has targeted my children tonight. The lowest moment of my life as a leader. Pray for us. We’re safe, but deeply humiliated.'"

Now, before we get to feeling too sorry for "poor Shaun" you should know a little bit more about this "activist." He was becoming a great disappointment and embarrassment to the whole BLM movement as a result of questions about two organizations he started and later abruptly shut down (after raking in some pretty hefty donations) never actually doing anything with them. One of these groups he started had state chairmen in all 50 states and in 35 countries at the time, so it wasn't small potatoes. He gradually just cut communications with his state chairmen after they began raising questions abut the direction of the organization and the disposition of funds, etc. Then he just announced one day that the organization was disbanded.

See this link for more information:


Of course though, Shaun King has always had a reputation of starting stuff and moving on. It all smells of "community organizer"-type charlatanism, too. Check out is wiki page for a brief history on what this guy was up to before starting these BLM-affiliated groups:


Now, this article is not ABOUT Shaun King, but rather CPS and the power of weaponized CPS, and the limits in the application of said power. Now, Shaun has lawyers. Shaun has money. Shaun is not stupid, no matter what you think of him as a person or as an "activist." The most interesting thing, perhaps, about the article (cited above) in 'Salon,' is that there is no mention of the call that prompted the CPS visit to liberal activist Shaun King's home actually resulting in ANYTHING. CPS never (apparently) got a foot inside the home, never interviewed the children as they were demanding to do, never got a seizure order together, nothing. You should be so lucky...but you probably won't be.

While Shaun is, admittedly, a galvanizing figure, this situation should tell us a lot.

First, that knowing your rights can be a HUGE first step in avoiding CPS actions and allegations altogether. You do not have to let these people into your home, and you should (as Shaun did) tell them to leave. THEN, when they do, gather your kids and YOU leave to somewhere safe, so that in the event they do come back with a warrant, you will at least have time to contact legal help, etc., WITH YOUR KIDS STILL SAFE BY YOUR SIDE and "un-interviewed." The interview is where the CPS weaponization really comes into fruition in most instances. They will use ANYTHING your children might say--even the most innocent unrelated thing you can imagine--to claim "abuse." Then they seize them. SO DO NOT LET THEM INTERVIEW YOUR KIDS WITHOUT A LAWYER PRESENT.

The next thing we can learn from Shaun's situation (and sadly you can't replicate this) is to be famous, or wealthy. You will get FAR more of a kid-glove treatment from CPS goons, if you are either of these things. It may also help to be known, broadly, as being a liberal activist. Liberals activists are the darlings of many in the CPS field--sometimes even those like King who have already fallen from grace within the liberal world. King is claiming that his anonymous weaponizer was a right-winger, angry at BLM, but he offers no proof. This could just as likely have been one of his former state chairmen. i.e. Liberal v liberal.

Whatever the case, I doubt I share much with Shaun King, ideologically EXCEPT the fact that police brutality needs to be reigned in, and I wouldn't wish this kind of CPS abuse used as a weapon by anyone against anyone. But this whole situation shines a bright light on what I've been saying for weeks now on this blog:

WE MUST GET RID OF ANONYMOUS REPORTING , or at least figure out a way to lower the priority level for anonymous calls. There has to be a different way of handling credible claims by identified people who are close to children, versus unsubstantiated baloney from former pissed-off anonymous associates. At this moment, less than 30 states even have any criminal penalty on the books for dealing with intentional fraudulent reports to CPS. According to Reason Magazine:


See this:

"Diane Redleaf, legal director of the National Center for Housing and Child Welfare and author of the upcoming book, They Took the Kids Last Night, says that about one in four calls to child protective services are substantiated, but when it comes to anonymous reports, it is only one in 20. What kind of person would deliberately traumatize a family by calling in a false accusation? Martin Guggenheim, an NYU Law professor specializing in child welfare, could not say conclusively. But he has heard of angry exes who call CPS repeatedly, knowing that each call triggers another investigation. 'I once complained to the agency for being utterly insensitive to this problem and asked them to figure out a way to get some sense of whether a caller has made multiple reports that have proven to be unfounded, so that you not only save your own resources but save the parents from the horrible experience of being investigated countless times,' he says. 'And the agency said we have to do it this way. We have no choice'."

One in twenty. Think about that. 95% of the time, the call results in HORRIBLE MOLESTATION OF TOTALLY INNOCENT FAMILIES, and that percentage is sure to rise, as weaponization is just now getting "out there" in the general public as a handy tool to use against anyone with whom you may have a beef. CPS may tell you they don't have a choice, and to the extent that this may be true, we have GOT TO GIVE THEM ONE. Commonsense needs to come into play here, POSTHASTE.

If we can't fix the anonymous call thing, then I think we had better just get government out of the "child protection" racket altogether. It's that big of a problem, and will only get bigger.


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