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The Trybe saga continues


9 months agoBusy3 min read
I’ve often wonder where Trybe sits in the ecosystem of cryptocurrencies blogging. No doubt, information is valuable, and thus controlling the narrative has become a core drive for the mainstream mediums of communication. Knowing this, it makes sense that projects that stand in opposition to censorship are operating on fertile soil, but specialization is probably the key ingredient to success or lack thereof.

It’s really a spectrum

At least this is my current position on the subject. Because we tend to operate only on the extremes, comparing cryptocurrency projects to mainstream with very little room for hybrid implementation. For example, there are those who are set on the idea that projects like STEEM are meant to replace facebook, but fail to do so, but I however, see it as comparing apples to oranges, or even apples to shoes.

In my short time there I’ve come to understand organically that Trybe stands more towards a publishing project with a good yet limited dose of social interactions. The main driver however, content. I can’t say that other projects at least currently have managed to pull this off, as we can clearly see from the sometimes painful trending pages.

I can see now, almost clearly so, that trybe can take a big market share from the likes of Medium as it becomes apparent to me that a high quality can be maintained there, thus attracting not only good content creators but the sometimes missing element, content consumers.

Early Adopters and Gambles

As someone who has been writing first offline and then with a keyboard, the investment I’ve decided to put onto trybe is somewhat manageable. I more than OK with dealing with things, as they are polished into better working systems. As the old saying says, “Rome was not built in one day”.

However, one key distinction, or at least one key element we must not forget as the first explorers of these lands, is that early adopters are essential for the settling of a culture. Early adopters have a certain amount of control over the social behaviors they want to see and the ones they want to discourage.

EOS is not going anywhere

A website that everyone should be aware of tells the real story here, and many, including myself, believe this to be the true market cap. After all, what good is a token if nobody is truly using it, not that I mean to insult the HODling purists among us.

The markets are soon to recover and those who are still being active on the cryptospace, collecting tokens and experiences are sure to be the ones who get to enjoy a margarita or two.


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