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Contructive Criticism on Joe Parys' activities.


9 months agoBusy

The intention of this video is not to start a fight with Joe or anything of the sort, I am not his enemy, I am just someone who cares about this platform a lot, and as such, I care about the people who are joining it every single day.

I've uploaded this to youtube for the moment, since @dtube is currently down, and I keep on seeing more and more tiny accounts upvoting that trending posts and learning the tricks of Steemit. So, instead of waiting for @dtube to come back, here it goes.

I'm going to leave the video on youtube as well, because the videos in question are being shared on youtube. It's my hope that new accounts find this video as well, hopefully it will be suggested to them, and they learn the other side of the coin.

One thing I do want to make clear, my intention here is not to pitchfork, it's to educate, that is all.

Much love


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