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Hi I'm Aljoe Espinosa, and this is Steemit!


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Hi! my name is Aljoe Espinosa, a Filipino citizen with a hint of Chinese blood ;-) well, my Lolo was a Chinese that went to Philippines and changed his name to Romeo Norte, and they only thing I know is his from the Qitzu, Qitchu, Qetzu more like that... and moving on.
So I am a student that will graduate this march in B.S. in Computer Engineering and I am too excited about it.
Well, I'm at the age of 23 and I had to stop in my High School because of an event in my life that changed me to the way I am now.

Well, The story goes like this to make it concise because it's a pretty long story that it will fill up a book.
So I got an accident, a car accident with my family and a good thing that no one in my family suffers a lot as much as I do. Thank God for that.
I was on a critical stage in my life back then, 50/50 as the doctors tells my family.
I got a severe head injury that break a palm size hole in my skull, I got an amnesia as well that all of my childhood memories were gone, and still wondered about my hazy childhood memories. now I got my most vulnerable part of my body that only my skin protects my brain from outside contact.
when I have looked into a mirror, I was so shocked that I looked like Frankenstein!, or that character from the House of the Dead 2 that has a vulnerable spot in this head.
I had to stop school by then, it took me a year and 6 months to recover. 6 months in the hospital and a year at home.

and after that I undergone 2 months again at the hospital for the final surgery, Cranioplasty. A process where they put a very hard plastic insert in my skull.
so I got this plastic now in my skull with a bunch of metal stitches too.

So I'm all set for life again. and I had to Relearn all of the stuff I knew from before again and again to recall it all up.
now I'm at the ACE of the school, I had achievements in every aspect... academically. ;-)
How great is THAT!.
Now I got this perk in my head, that when it's gonna rain or the rain will soon come, I can detect it from a mile over, also the mall's security alarms fire out when I passed by, maybe because of the metal wires in my head.
and from all those times, of hardships I say... "What Doesn't Kill You Makes You STRONGER!"


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