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3 months agoBusy3 min read


Hola mi petite fours!! Here we are again with a spectacular beer Saturday and this one promises to trump them all!!

But how?! What makes it so special? What makes this one so much fun, guy?


I mean, what the double T funk?! How can you have mushrooms in a beer? Is someone sailing me down a billabong?! Am I being sold a pup?

I don't mind admitting that when I first saw this beer my arse spasmed so hard it was in danger of flying off and turning into a swan.

Fortunately, for once, that didn't happen.

So, here I am. Languishing in a prison made of Marriage and advancing age with some mushroom beer. Where did it all go wrong?

Ha! Or how did it all become so right!

I am babbling. Today I am full of the babble. Perhaps its the fear of the 'shrooms?'

Perhaps I am also being slightly disingenuous. Both beers are not mushroom-based. In fact, they are chocolate stouts and only one, the big black menacing-looking can has mushrooms in it.

So let me throw myself through the gates of hell!!


Nothing unusual about this old fellow. A Chocolate Stout by name and a Chocolate stout by nature. The label promises lots of roasted malts and chocolate and that's it.

Oh well. Sounds a bit dull but you never know?


Fairly dark on the pour, light frothy head like a tickled snail's vagina. It looks chocolatey but I guess the proof, is in the pudding...

It's actually not bad. Very drinkable and chocolate'y but could have done with a little more oomph in the body. I was hoping for chocolate madness and burnt malty goodness but it is all rather subtle, on the edge of being just too subtle.

I would buy it again though, so, a reasonable 7/10 booms!

And that, I am almost afraid to say, brings us to the contender. The main event. The elephant in the room. The Mushroom and chocolate stout...


A stout brewed to resemble a dessert dish served in a restaurant in Copenhagen. Sometimes I wonder if some people have too much time on their hands. Hmm, yes. I do.

Nothing for it though, let's go, porcino!!


Straight up black topped by a huuuuuge caramel tan head like someone has cut off a rottweiler's thigh and jammed it in the glass.

I am certainly getting the chocolate smell wafting over from this one. Not just chocolate. It's like an earthy cocoa scent. The more I sniff, the more I am thinking dirt than chocolate.

Dirt? I mean, did they remember to give the mushrooms a clean? I fucking hope so.

Here goes.

Gaaaar, this stuff is honking of mushrooms and a dry, dirty, dustiness like a dead man's attic. It's so horribly earthy. It's like belly button cheese and manure and the taste just won't go away!?!

2/10 booms and the 2 is simply for them thinking out of the box. Even if it didn't work. Yuk. I need to drink petrol or something to clean the taste away.

Oh well, looks like I am into my backup beers tonight!!

Cheers everyone and have a good weekend!



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