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The Human Element


5 months ago2 min read


Is this where we came in?

The past few days the thought of powering down my Steem account somewhat crossed my mind more then a few times. No worries though, my piddly sum won’t send steem into a downward spiral. Nor is this a commentary on how I feel about the current state/price of steem - this has to do with my desire to pursue the human element, let me explain.

The human element does not exist in my job. Believe me I’ve looked. Oh sure there are small pockets of humanity hiding in a few souls but but even thous are fleeting, far and few in between.

I clock in 7am and feel nothing. My mind turns off and I become a cog, a machine in the flesh, an emotion-less coma while wide awake and aware.

I am aware that change needs the happen. Change must happen. and thing type of change is often best done during a time of self reflection where I want to go off-line for a week or two and reset my self using only a pan and paper as my guide.

I need to pursue the Human element in life. I think I need to sneak up of it because until now I have only been able to observe it from a distance. I'm not even sure what it is..

I have an idea and might write about it more later. once I gain a better understanding of the situation.

what I do know is that I need funds in the form of cash, something liquid that I can use sooner rather then later. I am aware of how steem MIGHT grow in price and send the bigger accounts off to buy private islands but I can not wait that long, my family can not wait that long.

The happiness I want to pursue goes beyond money, coins and tokens.

I know I can't strait out buy the human element, but I can pursue it and that's what I am going to do.




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