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Thailand - a dream came true. My first big video project is done.


4 months ago

Hello, everyone, how are you today?
I’m very happy, that I finally finished my work on the project “Thailand”. This is my first longer video (approximately 16 minutes) and it took me a lot of time to finish what you will see. I worked on this one maybe two or three weeks, but this is mainly because I edited the videos in my spare time only, which is really not that much lately.

I and my wife went to Thailand in the mid-February and spent about one week in Koh Samui island. This was our first trip out of Europe, so it was very exciting to go and experience this culture together.
Please, enjoy our experience!

I really look forward for our next trip.

I have to mention, that I used only my GoPro hero 5 for this footage, and my iPhone for 1 or 2 slow mo-s. The music is royalty free.

I really hope that you will like the video, because I put a great effort in making it. Enjoy!

See you soon!

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