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DTUBE CLEANPLANET,CLEANING TIME:-Today I tried to clean the nature beside my village's road

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6 months agoDTube

Hello my @dtube friends,

how are you all,hope everyone is well,I am also pretty good.
Today's date 11-01-2019.I shared a video of the cleaning time in the @cleanplanet project.
Today, I tried clean the nature beside my village's road,I will show you the cleanest moment.
I always love to keep my area's road,field,park,garden,nature etc clean.I always want to keep my country clean.
Today, I tried clean the nature beside our village's road.
I want to clean my country and the world, hope you will encourage me.
Special thanks to @dtube and @cleanplanet for launching clean projects.
I'm very happy working on the @dtube @cleanplanet project.
@dtube and @cleanplanet project is great project on steemit.
You can also work here if you want,You can join @dtube discord server to get support.
Please join @Dtube discord server

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