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Actifit Witness Vote Application - BuildTeam


11 months agoBusy3 min read

I am writing this post relating to the witness votes applications post by @buildteam here, on behalf of our @actifit witness, as @actifit founder.

In answer to the questions included in the application:

What do you currently do for the Steem community and what do you plan to do for Steem in the future?

As many already know, Actifit is a Steem dapp that incentivizes healthy lifestyle by rewarding your everyday activity.
We have been around for almost 8 months, with a continuously growing user base and large community support.

We are proud to do our part to change lives for the better, by helping people go out of their desks, and move to get rewarded.

We are rewarding, on a daily basis, an average of 350 posts with both AFIT tokens and STEEM upvotes. We have rewarded to date more than 21,000 STEEM with a SP that has reached over 270,000 SP.

We aim to continuously reward our users, grow Actifit, bring in more users to the Steem blockchain and to Actifit via our signup process, as well as reach the millions of users who are interested in being healthy, doing sports, and earning rewards.

Actifit has a witness running for around four months now, and by that we aim to help maintain the Steem blockchain and help it grow, but also as we believe dapps of Steem will be the real backbone for future growth of the Steem BC as a whole. Having a voice to decide how Steem should move forward is of great importance, hence why witnesses and top witnesses need to be a combination of serious Steem visionaries, entrepreneurs, alongside Steem dapps.

How can you support and help @buildteam, its token and its various communities, projects and apps prosper?

We are happy to support @buildteam, and are actually one of the early pilots for the new @tokenbb forum, which we believe has a great value and potential use for Actifit and for other dapps.
We also adopted the new steem-editor markdown editor, and integrated that into our official website.

Are you willing to proxy your vote via @buildteam, or vote for BuildTeam executive witnesses @reggaemuffin and @thecryptodrive in mutual support?

Certainly, we appreciate what you guys are doing, both @reggaemuffin and @thecryptodrive are now on our witness list. We look forward for more cooperation down the road between @actifit and @buildteam.

Actifit Founder

Consider voting for Actifit as witness


To learn more about Why you should vote for Actifit, and why voting for our witness is great for Steem, check out this blog


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