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Lunar month is very important, I will tell you today about the moon and the benefits of the moon


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The main reason for obeying Chandra Bose is because there are many festivals around the lunar month, such as fasting fast, etc. For the lunar month is very important. Usually the moon is a little bigger and the mixing is called the lunar month. If we die due to Ajna, the day of the clouds is much more beautiful and fasting,



Lunar month plays a very important role, so that we hold down the moon sometimes and sometimes it is a very important thing for our society, I think all of us should do the fasting of Ramadan as the moon and it is very important that it is very good. A method

the common man knows much better and hence Chanda But Muslims do not support Chandra Puja and I think usually girls are on the wrong path when they come in contact with the wrong way and I think that because of the important things are missed on earth, we understand that we are studying more.



Should you guys all be well, be healthy and next week we invite you to my blog Yarn I would like to be healthy, I think you are very nice


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