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SPORTS UPDATE: Liverpool Came From Behind To Win Newcastle United 3-1


8 months ago

The English Premier League keep getting interesting as Liverpool came from behind to win Newcastle United 3-1 and extend their unbeaten run to 5 games this season.

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There was a shocker in the early minute of the game as J. Willems opened the net by scoring for Newcastle.

Sadio Mane quickly responded with two goals within 12th minute as Liverpool took the lead.

In the second half, M. Salah added another goal at 72nd minute through the assistantof Firmino to strengthen the lead.

This is their fifth straight win in the Premier League this season as they are the only team yet to drop a single point. It is also their 14th successive victories in the league.

Do you think Liverpool will continue with this run of form till the end othe season?


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