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My Introductory Post


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Hello steemains

My name is Maxwell Marcus. I am a visual artist. I work with different mediums ranging from pen, pencil and oil color.


I feel so honoured to be back to this wonderful community after being off for a couple of months after losing my former account @maxijgcomm. I will be starting starting life afresh here.

I will still thank @juliangold for introducing me to this community, giving me tips on how to go about steeming. I owe you a lot.


Big thanks to @johndoer123, @crypto.piotr and @ecoinstant for their unending support, assistance and encouragement to keep steeming.

I will be journeying through this life with an open heart and selflessness, pouring out my thoughts and experiences into my art and sharing them with joy and forlornness - as the case may be.

Below is one of my pen drawing of Lucky Dube which I entitled "Believe In Yourself"


Aside art, I love discovering new things via researching and traveling and end up penning them down into my diary; we learn everyday.

I am also a football lover with Spanish and Engish Premier leagues my best stake. I love watching wrestling as well. Monday night Raw is one of my favourite.


More so, I am a lover of Crypto. I fell in love with Crypto not so long ago and I study a lot of information on the topic that currently attracts me.

I hope to expand my horizons here by making a bunch of new friends from all walk of life and checking out lots of groups.

Hopefully, I will contribute my own quota to the growth of this community as a whole.

Thank you.


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