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▪️ #Lightpainting #rotation created in real time, captured to the camera in one single photographic frame in Vendée, France during the lockdown. I added saturation, clarity, contrast afterwards. Sorry, I don’t have the EXIF data at the time I’m posting (on my phone 😔).

▪️This LP rotation shot is one of my first LP rotation with my reflex (Nikon D3s) because it is a (way) bigger camera less easy to use for a rotation shot than my OMD-10 from Olympus. Thx to the lockdown, I took the time to try it home in a safe environement 😅❗️

▪️I started by lighting the sculpture with a flash and a snoot as centered as possible. Then I changed the focus to get a blurred orange bokeh by placing my black fiber optics (with an orange gel) near the sculpture. I then rotated my camera leaving an exposure of around 2-3 seconds for the orange fiber optics.

@maximepateau XP LiGHTS on hive
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