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Blockchain Data Security Re-invented- Goldilock


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  • Goldilock WhitePaper
  • Introduction

    An individual's data are most often than not considered as their greatest asset or property of the person in question as such are often highly protected with diligence. In situations where the data is a property of a cooperate body it raises a bigger concern in regards to how properly they can be secured.

    In recent times securing personal data and data of cooperate institutions that might circumvent around financial information, trade secrets, health information, intellectual property and personally identifiable information have come strong. This huge problems have led to data theft and breaches, which might be due to hacks from malicious entities when they are stored online and prone to losses when store offline. But there is more to the problem, when data circumvent around finances, financial engagement and transactions.

    With the recent trend around the world today, it is so easy to see when you watch closely that there is a slow but massive exodus from the use of fiat currency to the adoption of the crypto-currency. But this security issue have somewhat to a great extent stall this massive navigation.

    For those who are familiar with the use use of cryptos it is eminently noticed that almost all crypto-currencies come with there wallet which is supposed to be treated as your bank account in the traditional financial processes. This wallets and all the assigned information that come with it, are supposed to be properly secured to avoid losses. But with this premise comes some big question, how can cryptokey security be achieved? How can we manage our digital funds? Who can be trusted with this burden?

    With digital currency being the target of many online thieves and hackers, many online platform have come up strong with technologies that might birth a solution to this nagging situation. With traditional cold storage prone to losses and theft, some proffer the use of encrypted cold storage system, where access to your stored data might not be enabled in real time. On the other side of the divide some others prefer to proffer Hot storage solution this on it’s the ignites the of malicious activities of hackers and cyber thieves. But with this properly analyzed, a solution is brought to bear. This solution will revamp the process and rebirth security into the sequence of data handling surrounding cryptofinance and all forms of information surrounding it.

    Godilock and its Solution

    Goldilock is a platform that will disrupt the eventualities surrounding issues that circumvent around data handling and cryptofinance security. With Goldilock, cryptokeys digital assets, personal information and every form of classifired information are properly protected (while transacting or working online). These data sets are securely stored safely in cold storage system which is disconnected from the internet so that they can be accessed intruders when not in use and are instantly brought up online with a trigger system when required on line. this facility enabled by Goldilock make it stand tall in the in the security ecosystem

    Goldilock is footed on three premise


  • Goldilock WhitePaper
  • Goldilock’s patent-pending technology treats these premises as requirements to make private key custody and personal data storage more secure without sacrificing accessibility. Relying on a framework of proven technologies and innovative processes.
  • Goldilock WhitePaper
  • How Does Goldilock work

    With the Goldlock platform working online tends to be hinged on a great level of security. This is such that the users have his device considered as nodes; the user only accesses the stored information on Goldilock platform via authorized non-IP command.


  • Goldilock WhitePaper
  • When the user isn’t active and his data set are not in used, the users information is disconnected and streamline away from the internet and remain vaulted offline and as such cannot be accessed by anyone including the member of staff of Goldilock until the user make another via a non-IP command. This is a major advantage that Goldilock proffers which Banks can take a hold of an re-vitalize their security demands.

    The processes tend to streamline all data stored in the Goldilock data base from the activities of hackers and online malicious agents. These further births a level of security, that might be considered similar or even higher than the processes used in traditional financial institutions.

    Goldilock Practical Application

    Goldilock is a melting pot for sensitive and classified information. It application and use circumvents around individual data, digital currencies and cryptofinance information. It application tend to be largely beneficial to cooperate organizations and anyone with any information which he or she find difficult to protect.

    With the traditional methods available in recent times, many, in a bid not to lose their vital information and document, turn their eyes to big moguls who give some sort of online storage service in the form of drives like what is available to Google users (Google drive). But with this comes the risk of hacks and leakages to third parties. But with Goldilock the trend switches and turn. When the user data is not in use, it is move to a remove storage vault that cannot be accessed due to the fact that it stay offline until piece of information is required from the data. The same is also applicable to cooperate bodies, financial institution such as banks and many more.

    Another major area where Goldilock finds it application beneficial is in the crypto space. As at this point where we cryptofinance is making a massive swing in all industries with the financial industry massively struck by its bolt. We are at a point where, almost every cryptocurrency come with its wallet, most likely a cryptokey and some other times a password. This details are mostly fragile and are to be handle with care, as one is not expected to misplace or allow this information to fall into the hands of a malicious second or third party.

    With this burden comes the advantage of Goldilock, where the user have to get up speed with the process of safe guarding the wallet details so as to safe guard his digital asset when engaged in the process of online transaction and when not in the process of trade.

    A use case situation

    First off, lets consider Maxie who got introduced to cryptofinance through his involvement with ponzi schemes. He went forward with his engagement with ponzi using cryptos as his prefer currency. On the eventuality of his losses with the scheme, some part of his digital asset was lost. Over the process of time with loss of interest in ponzi also came his reduced interest in cryptos usage. The leftover of his digital asset where just locked down in his wallet.

    Over time he signed to steemit and saw different pieces of floating information from the blockchain and crytocurrencies tag, only then did he remember that he has a warehouse of crypto currency. With this reminder came a huge big sad eventuality, his access to his funds has been forever been denial because over the period, Maxie have lost his password and private crypto-key and as such he can never access the funds. That eventuality got him feeling blue to point where he decided to exchange all his steem for fiat while get the chance. This birthed his exit from cryptofinance. He had in-depthly thought that, in contrast to traditional cryptofinance system his cash might have been recovered if he stored them up in a bank.

    But the buzz of steem and his love for blogging he struggle to hold back but was fazed with sad events from the past. But a big question always pop-up how do I secure my cryptokey details so I can be rest assured and my digital asset can be properly secured. One day reviewing a piece of writing on steemit he meet Godilock and sign-up. The platform proposed a security set up, where even the member of staff of have zero interference with client information unlike what is obtainable in traditional online storage system. With this, his confidence grew and he had no option but to embrace cryptofinance and the use of cryptocurrency yet again, but there was more.

    Maxie found out that Goldilock will all secure access to your crypto-currency when you are on line, going a step further, to take your data offline when you not actively using the dataset, which makes it totally out of reach from the menace of hackers. With this Maxie got up and running on the steem ecosystem.

    Over the process of time of Maxie engagement on the steem ecosystem, he came across many blockchain platform bought many cryptos and gain many airdrops such as AVINOC, BYTEBALL Whaleshare tokens. This he used the innovation of Goldilock to store their cryptokeys and properly secured his asset while trading and when not in action.

    Furthermore on steem he met a friend Moses who is a Architect like he is, they started to talking and the talk went far; Moses told Maxie that his firm located in Lagos needed the service of an Architect. Prior to this time Maxie have all his personal data stored up on the Goldilock platform for the purpose of securing them as Goldilock also provided storage services that goes beyond securing crypto related details, but forgot to get himself always reminded. Forth with Maxie ventured on a trip to Lagos all his document and the amount of cash he would need on the trip. On the process of his journey he got attacked and rubbed of his belongings which included cash he needed for th trip and his document, cell phone and designs portfolio. Maxie was stranded with little or no cash

    Maxie manage to get Moses contacted via email, and he had him told about the sequence of events. Moses pop-up a question, I thought you signed up with Godilock, when you had the chance? On that reminder Maxie visited the platform and retrieved his credentials, document and steemit cryptokey, which he used to access the steem ecosystem.

    He went further to exchange the some steem for fiat currency and got himself supercharged for the interview and subsequently, he got the job. What more can one say about Goldilock? Maxie’s intersection with Goldilock invented his rebirth with the use of crypto-currency, blockchain and his activity with cryptofinance.

    Goldilock Goes Mainstream

    With many countries of the world right now, geared towards taking security of data of their citizenry seriously, such that any company operating online is constricted by law to provide a safe and secure data storage system. This have over time birthed situations where companies have be force to pay for their negligence, when rupture occurs. This therefore bring Goldilock system to the main stream, as it provide a secure system for storage even for companies, bank and other firms handling huge data resource.

    Goldilock and the NEO Blockchain

    Goldilock envisioned that upon it initial entry its secure processes surrounding the use and storage of NEO token. This will birth a high level of security of the currency such that it will be streamlined away from the target malicious agent that are determined to hack financial processes.

    With Lock Token as the viable token for transaction the Goldilock ecosystem. Digital data set and and private key for cryptos can only be stored on the platform with the access enabled by the access of the Goldilock smart contract and the Lock Token.

    With the Goldilock systems all activities from each node are recorded, transparency, traceable and cannot be edited of changed.


  • Goldilock WhitePaper
  • A Goldilock user on trying to access his Goldlock wallet is first has to go through a verification process to find out if he owns the acceptable token which is the Lock token. After confirmation of the token the user is forthwith given access. Upon entrance to the wallet and the intended activity lunched online the process is recorded on the NEO blockchain in an encrypted manner such that the information of the trend of activity cannot be changed. The main aim of Goldilock is to hinge NEO currency and transaction process on the walls of security that cannot be broken. And afterwards can other currencies be integrated.

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