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NFL Football Commenting, Trash Talk (Free Steem Bounty)


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This post is written to participate in @jmhb85 contest:


Since I am participating in a fantasy league this year with new followers on Steemit I have been excited for week 1 to begin. Now that it is nearly complete, there is still one Monday night game happening as I type, Rams versus Raiders, I am sitting here refreshing my yahoo web page in what seems to be an eternity. My opponent @boatsports90 still has two Ram receivers collecting points as my lead has dwindled to 5 points. I am doubtful I will win but what if I did? Can I win and be able to pump fist and say I have salvage my week 1 contest? Or shall I put my head down and loath in shame as I am about to lose or will lose.

Something I have never enjoyed doing myself but have watched others do is smack talk when it comes to supporting their home team. The main reason I enjoy it is I like watching the people who do the talking end up eating their words. Oh what a shame to have to lose face and have favorite team fall down in defeat. Yet often times in the spur of the moment words or action is executed in support for your home team. I do not blame you as I have done the same plenty of times. In the end its just a game but shaming one's ego can be fun filling entertainment. Sometimes even better than a movie at the theater.

Well I have a contest for you all. Here it is:
Answer the following question as a comment on this post.

What is the most memorable sport story you have had regarding to a fan's post reactions after a game?

The most funniest will receive an upvote and earn a steem-bounty.

If you do not know what steem-bounty is then I advise you to visit @steem-bounty.

Thanks for reading and hope to hear some good stories.

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Date of post: 9/11/2018


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