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I am still Owlive, owl write about some philosphy


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I haven't been posting much recently. Going through a bit of a rough patch mentally. I have some problems connected to my heart which under normal circumstances is totally no issue but with the right amount of stress it becomes fairly irritating (it is not really live threatening or anything, so that wasn't an understatement.)

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Anyway to calm the mind I spend time reading and listening to eastern philosophical stuff (Just in case of trolls: I am not promoting alternative medicine in any way here. If your doctor gives you meds take'em and shut up). I am not really in the mood to write about math so sorry to my big-bro steemstem.

Don't worry

When I am talking about eastern philosophy I mean the extended family of buddhism. So that is zen, daoism etc. Eastern philosophy is quite great if you are dealing with anxiety because a great chunk of it is centered around converging to a state of not-worrying, quoting Wei Boyang:

Worry is preposterous; we don't know enough to worry

So if you are suffering from frequent existential crisis, achievement stress or crypto dip worries :o) then you might want to try exploring it.

East and west

Eastern philosophy could be viewed as a religion of some sort since the universal aim is to achieve some kind of mental heaven. This makes it way more religious than the majority of western philosophical works. There even exist quite religious versions of buddhism but I don't want to touch those. Let's keep stuff non-religious and clean. Due to the in-part religious nature of eastern teaching it makes sense to compare it to christianity. Catholic christianity gives a list of rules which, if followed will get you into heaven. For the protestant branches, it usually is the case that there is a list of rules but even if you follow them you are not sure what's going to happen to you in the end. Anyway, the point of christianity is to be let into heaven. The reason to step to a buddhist or zen master is to rid yourself of psychological problems plagueing you as human. So it is almost like going to a therapist where the psychological problem really is being human (or in my case an owl :o) ) so that you can enter a transcendent mental state. In other words, you let yourself into heaven.

Owl stop here

I think that is a nice start for now. I will hopefully have some time to continue tomorrow. Owl better take a rest now

Merchandise :D

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