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Bryan Adams


8 months agoSteemit

Please enjoy my video showing the notes to: Everything I Do!, in a visual way on piano!

I have over 800 lessons available to you: FREE Piano Lessons

If you want to learn to play piano properly it is very good to start out with a guide that will take you through the steps. Whether you have just started, are a complete beginner or have been playing for some time, I can highly recommend the Ultimate Piano Course! By following this course you will:

  • Learn the basics of piano
  • Learn how to play by ear, compose songs, read sheet music
  • Learn how to break down songs in easy parts
  • Get 2 months free access to Skillshare and over 24.000 courses on all kind of topics!

Make sure to follow my YouTube channel to get a new free lesson every day, and remember to like the video if you do!

Thank you so much and I hope to help you out playing some cool songs!

Mark, PGN Piano


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