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Eye see you!


8 months agoSteemit

ntopaz-image-0Hello hii y'all! I arted! Haha
As you can see, they are a bunch of eyes 👀. But whose eyes are they you wonder? Well to answer that question, they are my friend's eyes and mine (middle one are mine).
I had fun drawing this! It took me more or less 6 hours xD and I tried my best to copy the likeness kf their eyes. I would say that I did good!
When I sent my friends that, they were surprised that I drew their eyes aswell xD cuz I told them that I was drawing some eyes before for practice haha. They didn't expect me to draw their eyes 👀 so they were surprised! They they said that the drawing was really good and it was accurate hahaha I was glad to hear that! And yeaa I did my best and glad it paid off :))
That's about it haha! Thank you for reading til the end and I hope y'all have a wonderful day!


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