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7 months ago

ntopaz-image-0Hello Hii y'all! I drew this a while back when I was at school!
The story of this was, I was at school with two of my friends and I twas telling them about my pen tablet (Huion HS64). I was letting them experience using it and they seemed to be amazed haha xD. After drawing random stuff together, they then said if I could demonstrate how I draw on the tablet, so I did! Haha they gave me a reference of an anime character Menma from Anohana) then I started drawing.
While drawing, I was feelimg a bit nervoys because I was not used to drawing when people are watching xD a bunch of students passing by were watching as well so it was a bit nerve wracking haha but I still managed to finish the drawing after a 10 minutes xD
My friends seemed to like the drawing and I was glad :DD we even got to draw together hehe
Okay that's about it for now! Thank y'all for reading til the end and I hope y'all have a wonderful day!!


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