SELFIE CHALLENGE Week #9 - Sad, Sad Selfie


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A Selfie is a Challenge

Taking a selfie has become an almost normal everyday thing for so many people. Articles have been written about the self-involved youth having nothing better to do than to take selfies.
Then, selfies became mainstream if that term can be applied to this. The selfie stick made the pictures not quite so contorted and obviously taken by the person in the pictures and suddenly, the selfie stick replaced the stranger one had to ask once upon a time to please take a picture of the whole family group.
We all have the old photo albums where one person is missing - the one with the camera.
But for many of us, selfies still remained challenging. Namely, all of us who don't particularly like what we look like from this selfie angle.
Taking a selfie was a real challenge.
For the longest times, that meant, no selfies for me. Thank you very much.

Papa-Pepper's Selfie Challenge

Selfie challenges have been popular on many social media platforms but I was never interested. For some reason, don't ask me why, when Papa-Pepper - for most of you on Steemit, there is no introduction necessary - started his selfie challenge, I decided to participate. It might have been a bit of madness or something.

That challenge is on day 22 now. That means at least 23 selfies!!!

In the beginning, I tried to take them from the best angle possible and deleted a bunch before taking one I felt I could live with.
But then, the challenge got crazier and crazier with each day. That self-consciousness just fell away. Who has time to think about what you look like when you are supposed to balance a ball on your nose and take a selfie at the same time! Or throw three things in the air and get all three with you into the photo.
Believe me, there is no deleting of an ugly self if the 3 objects are in there!!!

It was in this challenge that I met @thatindianlady and she has an amazing selfie challenge of her own. To enter, click here

@thatindianlady Selfie Challenge

Well, the topic of that challenge was sad. So, I took a photo of my sad face. I took a bunch. Some more with a grimace, some not so much. And to tell you the truth - I almost didn't enter any of them. It made me sad that my face is showing the signs of aging. Wrinkles, brown spots - you know, the usual.

In my mind, my face looks different. Okay, I could use makeup and create a painting on this canvas that is my face. But I am not a gifted artist and I probably would create a clowns face or something like that.

So, it is time to take this challenge - to be okay with that selfie that is looking back at me. I am not quite there yet but I'll try. Aging in a society which values youth so much is truly a challenge for the self.


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