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Dirty Feet - Water - My Freewrite


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The story of my life. I take off my socks at night and my feet are dirty!! Often, I don't even know that I went through a particularly dusty area. But here, on my little 1/3 of an acre urban farm, things are dusty.
It hasn't rained since January and all that is green is so by irrigation.
Well, I shouldn't say all that is. The large trees are well established and their roots are going deep. we are lucky that we don't have desirable water like Palomar Mountain does. their, the water rights were sold to some big companies who are bottling up the water and selling it to you in those handy, dandy plastic bottles which add a little dose of poison to it for your drinking pleasure. No worries, it tastes good for the most part when you are drinking it. You just pay later when the cancers and all the other yummy diseases of our times are entering your body. And that sweet little plastic bottle can help to contribute to the nice island of plastic swimming in the Pacific ocean - it is twice the size of Texas. Texas is a big state!!! A barge is going out there right now, trying to contain it so it won't spread more into the rest of the ocean. they raise 35 million dollars for that barge. do you know how many people could be fed with that money? People who are starving right now. Or how many people could get an operation they so desperately need? so many!!!
Just filter your water and bring your metal (the right kind, not with aluminum) or glass bottle with you. It is not so hard, people! We need to stop polluting our earth and stealing the water from nature. On Palomar Mountain, the springs have stopped running, the water table is sinking. How long until the trees can't reach water anymore and are drying up. Oh yes, we need more fires in California - as if...



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