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MAPXV Weekly Profit Statement & News - 20 October 2019 [MAP Steem FinTech]


7 months ago3 min read

Welcome to our weekly account statement.

This week has ended up looking decent, with some healthy sales, even though these tend to happen in large sporadic batches rather than daily activity.

The main thing I wanted to highlight today is that I shall be sending tokens to delegation-miners on a weekly basis from now on, most likely on Saturdays.

As 42 is divisible by 7, the numbers come out quite nicely for most delegators. Some of you may have noticed MAPXV token transfers a couple of days ago; they were long decimals that allowed me to pay the extra days on a pro rata basis so that from now on you can all be paid weekly. Hope that's OK with everyone - and it saves me time. If anybody does wish to undelegate, you will still receive tokens for any days outstanding.

Even though our market price seems to have edged down a notch, we have more active tokens receiving upvotes - go figure! Actually, this can happen as tokens placed on the market do not show up in one's Steem Engine balance and hence do not receive upvotes. So, all that's happened is that those tokens have been bought.

A reminder that MAXUV is sponsoring the Buildbetter Contest with a donation of 500 MAXUV tokens.

We shall, as always, continue to monitor developments on the Steem blockchain.

Any questions, please ask in the comments below, or you may ask in our new public Discord room.

Have a good weekend!

The headline figures are:

MAPXV tokens active = 8180
SP in @MAPXV = 7119
Mining SP = 27,550
Other STEEM = 2007
Total STEEM = 9126
Total Income = 141.00
Fee = 14.10
Total STEEM carried down = 9112

MAPXV VV/Token = 14.9

Note that "Other STEEM" is the sum of all holdings not powered up as SP: liquid STEEM and SBD plus holdings within Steem Engine to maintain market liquidity plus some investments; we also now have stakes in MAPR, MAPX, PAL and LEO, and some others, and receive rewards from them. Also note that values are volatile, especially any holdings priced in US$, so the above numbers are a snapshot and may have changed when you look at the @MAPXV account.

Income includes rewards and token trading profits but excludes token sales.

The Asset Backed Value (ABV) is our total holdings calculated in STEEM divided by the number of active MAPXV tokens, whether staked or unstaked. Given that MAPXV token holders are getting 8 times the equivalent daily upvotes per STEEM, and adjusting for a variable VP, I shall leave it to the investor to calculate a market price for MAPXV tokens.

If VVS > 8.0, then MAPXV stake-holders are getting upvotes of greater value than the par 0.2% twice per day per token.

If VVT > 1.0, then MAPX tokens are under-priced on the market and good value to buy.

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