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Steembasicincome Free Enrollment - Free lifetime upvotes - 5 person Giveaway


2 years agoBusy


@steembasicincome is a lifetime upvote bot. All you need to do is send 1 steem and the @steemitusername in the memo to enroll 1 person. That person will get 1 share of the upvotes from the profile. This isn't the only program out there that im involved in i will mention the other below. For more info on @steembasicincome check out their post

I want to get more shares in the program myself so i am giving away 5 spots for free. I will send 5 steem to @steembasicincome for 5 lucky commenter/followers. This will enable you to get a free upvote for life from the program. It isn't much today .01-.02 an upvote but in the future it will be worth much more. If you would like to participate all you have to do is comment something. It doesn't matter what but the best comments will win. Once the post has paid out the lucky winners will be notified via .001 memo transfer of SBD.

If you would like to try another program that costs 1 SBD to get upvotes for life check out this blog from @upv4life


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