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My Actifit Report Card: June 16 2019


4 months ago2 min read

Hello steemians!

I hope all of your day went well.

Welcome to my daily actifit repot.

Well, it's a shame to tell it a daily report cause I dont post an actifit report on daily basis.

Believe me, besides being lazy, there are also a no of reasons that are forbidding me from doing actifit.

Actually that does not mean that I am a sloth 😅. I do a lot of work daily but often I forgot to keep actifit running in the background and thus don't record my steps.

Some days it is 4k+ but still not the min 5k requirement and some days it goes above 15k+ but I forgot to post in time (12'o clock).

Well, life is miserable, right! But that does not mean you are piece of shit. I am trying to maintain the consistency and i wish one day I will achieve so.

What I did today?

  • Walked a bit at morning, went to a shop nearby.

  • At afternoon, i did cycling on the way to my friend's house!

  • At evening, went to the bazar.

  • Before dinner, I went again for cycling to reach 5k steps.

Lots of love to my actifit mentors @thereikiforest @xawi @burlarj @akomoajong.

Hope you liked my post.

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Alright! See you in my next post.

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