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Donation of 2 female pigs for breeding from YouAreHope


4 months agoSteemit


I have been developing a project together with my good friend @eturnerx, who is one of the founding members of @youarehope

This project seeks to increase the production of food within the country / give the tools to the people who need it so they can produce food and have a source of food, as well as income.

Second and third Donation of 15 Laying Hens + Food (Using STEEM)

These people already had the tools and knowledge necessary to raise the animals but did not have the money to start by themselves.

As it is the case of this farm that in spite of having the required facilities, they almost do not have breeding animals for lack of money to invest.

@eturnerx and my person, on behalf of @youarehope we have decided to donate 2 female pigs next to the food necessary for their growth until they begin to give birth.



Each female pig can give birth from 10 to 12 pigs.


14 bags of 40kg of pig food

This is to help them and give them the boost they need so that the farm can become self-sufficient.


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