Byteball Use-a-Thon: Byteball - A New Method of Paymet to Improve the Quality of Life for Venezuelans


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I think that crypto currencies are the next step in the evolution of money. In today's world they offer many advantages over traditional banks, and more advantages in a country like Venezuela, which has has experienced hyperinflation and has failed in many of the basic daily services.

The Country has a massive shortage of cash money to make payments, which has led to people having to get used to paying by credit / debit cards machines or alternatively by making bank transfers on the bank's website.

But the debit and credit machines in Venezuela often fail and are slow to process the payment, causing long lines of people waiting to pay. Even when you are going to pay by website transfer, sometimes the bank fails or the Internet fails.

For all these problems, I can easily see how Byteball could be an innovative solution.

With the mobile application of Byteball you can make money transfers easily and in a matter of seconds, the other person will see the money in their wallet. It would only be necessary to have money in the wallet and put the address of the person to whom you are going to transfer with an optional description but then it would be ready. It could be very fast

Without having to wait and make long lines, in a matter of seconds you make the payment. It is that simple.

Now, for this to work there must be money circulating and in fact, already several exchange houses in the country buy Bytes, Steem or BTC such as @capybaraexchange or @orinoco.

Easily anyone could contact them by discord or by their telephone number to acquire or sell bytes by Bolivares in Venezuela.

User adoption of crypto currencies is very important. How can we teach or train people to use the coin?

How do we achieve this?

To make any cryptocurrencie work, in this case the bytes must be get then to be used daily as a payment method for goods, food and services.

So I interviewed a group of workers from the society of my city and business owners to see if they were prepared and willing to accept payments with cryptocurriencies (BYTES) for the service they offered and after speaking, several of them were willing to try this new payment method, among those:

1 ) A shop of selling groceries and charcuterie

2 ) A sale of vegetables and fruits

3 ) A line of taxis

Having shops that agree to pay bytes for food or the items that people need on a daily basis, will increase the chance that people will use the BYTES, because it is being useful.

In the next few weeks I will work with the owners of these businesses to ensure that the bytes are used as a payment method through the BtyeBall Mobile app.

If I win the weekly prize I will use part of the money to carry out an airdrop in my community and that these people buy food in those places and also they can use the taxi line paying with those bytes that I will give them, and then hear and report about their experiencies.

(If I do not win the weekly prize, I will do it anyway.)

Now we need people to really use the Mobile App and the bytes to pay and the biggest problem is: A lack of Information.


There could be 1 person who were paid to be in the business shops and explain to clients that are interested in learning to pay with byteball, after an explanation of maximum 10 minutes, that client should have already learned and be ready to pay with bytes after having installed the app. I plan to test this out.

It exists and it is useful but many people do not even know about it, the people just need to discover and try it, so under their own experience they will see how easy it is to pay with Byteball.


I can also clearly see how we could achieve a massive adoption of users in Venezuela if we make an Airdrop and give them the opportunity to exchange this money for food, goods and services.

I know that even $ 1 would be enough to get a considerable number of Venezuelans to join and more if they can exchange it directly for food.

The word could spread quickly because it really solves some of the problems we experienced when making payments in Venezuela and so on.

And the best advertising/publicity is the one that is made from person to person for the good service provided.

So I've already talked about how we can make the money circulate through the exchange houses, I've got business owners willing to accept this money to be used for goods and services and finally, with the correct dissemination of information about byteball and an Airdrop we could achieve a massive adoption of users.

Now let me tell you about other ways in which using byteball as a payment method could improve the lives of Venezuelans

By having the way to save the money in BYTES instead of Bolivares, - Venezuelans could scape from the inflation that is lived in Venezuela and that makes the Bolivares have a diminishing purchasing power everyday more.


This is very important in a country like Venezuela that has expereinced such high inflation prices change daily!

Unlike Bolivares, BYTES can increase in value over time, making it a good option for Venezuelans to save their money.


Byteball also allows people from abroad to send money to Venezuela's interior easily and without intermediaries.


It is well known that many of the people who emigrated to other countries send money monthly to their relatives who still live in Venezuela to help them in the crisis. These people go to foreign exchange houses that charge up to 10-20% commission for the exchange. In addition they only work during office hours and neither on weekends.

With Byteball, people abroad could buy Bytes and send them to their relatives inside Venezuela in a matter of minutes and without going through intermediaries or paying high commissions.


I believe that ByteBall can help Venezuelas through spending, saving and remittances.

And in the next few days I will work to prove it

I will report on the work done with the owners of the business and their experience accepting bytes, as well as the experience of the people to whom I will give some money so they can go to these sites and test the application.

If you have any questions, doubts, or suggestiosn, leave it in the comments and I will gladly explain.
Venezuela could offer a unique and effective soltuion to the average person caught up in a very bad economic crisis. Lets bring hope and crypto to Venezuela, one Byteball trasnaction at a time.


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