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Surthrival Trailer Mark 1 Update 41 Setting up Onboard Water Generation Part 1


7 months ago2 min read

Hello beautiful humans!

Today I have a new update for the Surthrival Trailer project. I worked on installing an onboard Atmospheric water Generation system (AKA Dehumidifier) that will be used in conjunction with the biosand water filter and an AlexaPure gravity filter to produce drinking water.

I began by determining the placement of the dehumidifier. I wanted to have enough gap between the roof of the trailer and the dehumidifier for proper airflow. I want the water to overflow and fill the biosand filter so I used its height as the guide to mount it slightly higher that the filter as I wish to have it slightly off the ground and run a hose to an outside container.


I then measured and cut (2) 2x4's at 28" and used a miter saw to make the cuts.


I determined the angle to match the walls was approximately 30deg. Using a cordless circular saw I cut out the wedge from a 3'x1.5' piece of .5" osb for my shelf.


Using 2.75" self tapping metal screws I fastened the 2x4's into the 1" steel square tube ribs of the trailer.


I used (6) 3/4" particle board screws to fasten the osb to the 2x4's.



I used a .5" drill bit to create a hole for the power cord to be fed through.


Here is the view of the mounted dehumidifier.


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