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@make-a-whale is a community project to create a whale that always supports its feeders.

Steem Power2269
Delegated9 708
Voting Power75.29%
Upvote Weight12%
Current Upvote Worth$0.09

Member Check-in!

What a crazy month it has been for crypto. Steem is having a laugh as well. This means some good and bad things for maw.

The bad news is that MAW did not make nearly as much this month, understandable since all projects face this challenge when the price is low. It also means that we will not be able to renew all our current leases, around 8K for a total of 218 steem.

The good news is that the rates for leases in MB have improved and we can try and get cheaper leases.

Instead of making everything cheaper and lowering our rates I am going to opposite route. I say, stick it out and support MAW, just like MAW has been supporting you for so many months. Yes, you might make a loss this month if you pay your 8 steem, BUT if everyone backs out we will definitely make a loss for the month of JULY. So, MAW is saying that let's nip it in the butt and get some steem gathered so we can get some new and cheaper leases and hopefully boost the SP to higher than the current values.

Last month we gathered a total of 64 steem. If we can reach about 80 for this month then we can keep our SP levels around the same values as before. (IF leases fill)@scrooger will also be making a nice donation to keep things afloat.

So like always, let's feed our little MAW and try and come out stronger than before.

All the steem gathered will be used at the end of the month to get a new lease instead of renewing old ones that have bad rates.

UPDATE: Alright, it is confirmed that the leases fill really fast. It means if we stand together we will be able to push our SP a bit higher than last month.

SteemDelegateUpvote Weight
21501.35 times the normal upvote weight16.2%
42001.7 times the normal upvote weight20.4%
62502.15 times the normal upvote weight25.8%
83002.5 times the normal upvote weight30%

These percentages might change as the voting power finds its sweet spot.

Ahoi Members!

@make-a-whale is a community project to create a whale that always supports its feeders. You support it and it supports you. It upvotes each member once in a 22 hour period. @make-a-whale will post each day, that post needs to be upvoted by each member. There is also a bonus 100% rotational upvote.

To participate you need to post good original content, have a Reputation of 50+ and 500+ Steempower.

All available slots filled! We might have some later on as the project grows. =)


The @make-a-whale project requires constant feed from his followers. That way he can return the favor and feed his followers. This can be done manually or using Steemauto to simplify and automate the process. That way you never have to worry about missing votes.

You can pick how you upvote MAW:

1. Steemauto (recommended).

Guide on how to set up your Steemauto account.

2. Manual upvoting - if you do not like using Steemauto you can manual vote.

We have worked out a scale that will make sure @make-a-whale always upvotes you with a bigger upvote than the one you used to upvote the daily post, if you post on average once a day. Thus, the fair scale ensure you always win!

There are some members who support the project with larger upvotes and this is greatly appreciated! The more we grow the more members we can recruit and give better upvotes. Thank you for the extra support!

The Daily Resteem!

Since we are a small group of awesome content creators there be a daily resteem. We will follow the same list as the Roundabout High Five upvote and resteem in that order. Share some love and some upvotes for your fellow MAW members! Check out their post, comment and upvote if you like it!

Tomorrow's Roundabout Whale High Five 100% Upvote and resteem goes to:


Wondering when it's your turn? Here's the list.

MembersRoundabout 100% upvoteNotes
@gingerninjaYES X5
@oleg326756YES X6
@scroogerYES X6
@cryptasticYES X4
@xervantesYES X5
@gregory-fYES X5
@ragepeanutYES X5
@happymoneymanYES X6
@alphacoreYES X5
@twistychipsYES X4
@djynnYES X6
@colinbrazendaleYES X5
@costopherYES X4
@steemiteducationYES X6
@giantbearYES X6
@theregularguyYES X5
@abh12345YES X6
@maarnioNEXT - YES X5
@sumatranateYES X5
@hopehuggsYES X5
@pearicaYES X4
@waphilipYES X3
@em3YES X4
@brumestYES X5
@ewkawYES X5
@tattoodjayYES X5
@phelimintYES X5
@cheeto.blueYES X2
@bdmomuaeYES X5
@ogochukwuYES X4
@theleapingkoalaYES X4
@bigpandaYES X4
@arunavaYES X4
@orchevaYES X5
@sol25YES X5
@vlemonYES X5
@glennoluaYES X5
@bluemistYES X4
@bearbear613YES X4
@brimaxYES X5
@onetin84YES X5
@leyargozYES X4
@jedigeissYES X4
@costanzaYES X4
@yasu24YES X3
@goldendawneYES X3
@nairadaddyYES X2
@emrebeylerYES X2
@rye05YES X3
@rekoYES X3
@svashtaYES X3
@arrliinnYES X3
@amy-goodrichYES X3
@healthy-homeYES X3
@mountainwashereYES X3
@ackhooYES X3
@bigbearYES X3
@methusalemYES X3
@aniseYES X2
@clumsysilverdadYES X2
@moderndayhippieYES X2
@stresskillerYES X2
@jznsamuelYES X2
@digitalisYES X2
@azirconYES X2
@mineopolyYES X2
@raserranoYES X1
@yoshikoYES X2
@kinakomochiYES X2
@djlethalskillzYES X1
@blackluxYES X1
@martinphotoYES X1
@yasuYES X1
@monochromesYES X1
@jlordcYES X1
@pipiczechYES X1
@knackartYES X1
@holger80YES X1
@zararinaYES X1
@gillianpearceYES X1

Together from minnows to dolphins to whales!!


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