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Top 4 Sento, aka Public Baths (Notes from Under the Tatami Mats–78 … My Adventures in Japan)


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The Japanese have taken the art of bathing to a whole new level; transcendence.

Years ago, most Japanese homes did not have any bathing facilities, let alone a bathtub or a shower. When people needed to bathe, they would go to the local bathhouse.

These neighborhood bathhouses consisted of not much more than 10–20 shower stalls and a central hot tub. Simple but effective.
   (Image source)

Modern convenience

Today, many old neighborhoods still have small bathhouses, often located down some narrow side street. Those old baths still have only a handful of shower stalls and one hot tub, with maybe a small steam sauna in the corner.

Nothing fancy, but many of them remain in business. However, with the modern convenience of a shower in every home, those old bathhouses attract fewer and fewer clients.    (Image source)

For your pleasure. Your ultimate pleasure.

Nevertheless, the Japanese have not abandoned the art of bathing. Instead, they’ve improved it, and taken it to a whole new level. 

Over the past few decades, a number of large, ultra-modern bathing complexes have opened in most Japanese cities.

These sparkling new facilities might have 50 or more shower stalls, several hot tubs of various temperatures, a cold tub, a Jacuzzi, a jet bath, an outdoor bath or two, a tea bath, an herbal bath, an electrical bath (Yep, an electrical bath. Zap!), a steam sauna, a dry sauna … and maybe even a waterfall bath.

All for your pleasure and relaxation. And mine.    (Image source)

Note re the aforementioned “shower stalls”: When taking a shower, the Japanese sit on small stools.  

Which makes a lot of sense.
See my comment in Tatami Note #12 re "perfection" .

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