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Top 2 Misspellings of My Name by Japanese People (Notes from Under the Tatami Mats–79 … My Adventures in Japan)


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Spelling words or names in a foreign language is a lot tougher than you might think.

Those above misspellings are weird. Very weird.  

Mistakes are inevitable

But taken in perspective, these mistakes are understandable.

Have you ever tried to spell the words of a foreign language correctly? As many of you know, it’s a lot tougher than you think.       (Image source)

Even once you’ve become proficient in a second language, you’ll inevitably make mistakes that you won’t be able to catch. In fact, when writing my name or address in Japanese script, I myself did so incorrectly, numerous times. 

Hell, I make mistakes even in my native language. Comb through my Steemit blog, and you’ll probably find a few errors.

Mistakes are unjustifiable

But the above misspellings are particularly egregious. 

Whatever. At least they are interesting.             (Image source)

Contest ...

What’s the real spelling of my name? From the above “Gayln”  and "Jeemos," determine the actual spelling of my name. The first 10 who get it correct will get a 20% upvote.   

Rule – Your comment / entry must begin with the words “Correct Spelling.”

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