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I believe in steem blockchain and steem community. I think we should try to improve steem blockchain abilities and increase its security.
I believe we can use steem blockchain in many ways and we can create a decentralized world.
With the fast transaction and zero fees, I believe in the near future we will be able to use STEEM and SBD to purchase from markets or transfer funds to everywhere in the world.
Together, we can make this blockchain better, bigger, useful and more secure.
We will learn how to manage spammers, scammers, and abusers to increase the equilibrium in the steem community.
For reaching these purposes, we need more active developers and active witnesses.

Let's explain what is a witness in the steem blockchain:
Please first read FAQ section in the steemit, all steem users should read FAQ and whitepaper.

What are Steem witnesses?
The Steem blockchain requires a set of people to create blocks and uses a consensus mechanism called delegated proof of stake, or DPOS. The community elects 'witnesses' to act as the network's block producers and governance body. There are 20 full-time witnesses, producing a block every 63-second round. A 21st position is shared by backup witnesses, who are scheduled proportionally to the amount of stake-weighted community approval they have. Witnesses are compensated with STEEM Power for each block they create.
Steemit leverages Steem because the founders of Steemit believe Steem’s decentralized text content storage and governance model makes Steem an excellent platform for supporting the long-term success of its social network and digital currency tokens.
Source: FAQ

Also, Thanks to @sumeguy123 for publishing this great article.

What is a witness?
A witness plays a crucial part in how the STEEM network functions. Some people might not be aware of this, but is just a fancy web interface on top of a large network called STEEM, which operates remotely similar to Bitcoin.

Witnesses have many tasks. The first and foremost is to produce blocks (thus process transactions), the second most important is to produce a price feed, which is how STEEM Dollars are always worth 1 US Dollar in STEEM (using the 7 days [update: 3.5 days] exchange).

You may have heard of the term 51% attack before. Unlike Bitcoin, miners don't matter much to the STEEM network, instead, that is a witnesses job:

A hard fork happens when 67% of the top witnesses are all running a certain version of STEEM, which means the top 19 witnesses can pick and choose whether to agree with a fork or not. (e.g. Hard Fork 13 and 14 were both postponed for a week, and re-designed because witnesses refused to update)

Why should I care?
A witness is paid proportionally to how high they are in the witness ranks, excluding the top 19 witnesses (who get 1 block every ~63 seconds).
But how do they get to those ranks? They get voted in, by people like YOU. It's just like an election if you don't vote, other people may vote in witnesses who are malicious or simply unreliable.
Source: Seriously, what is a STEEM witness?

About me:

I joined 227 days ago (7-8 months ago) to this great community and started blogging. but, That was not enough for me.
I'm a developer, so I launched some APPs for steem users.
Let's see what I did so far.

Main projects:

  1. Steemfollower:


    My first project for steem blockchain is Steemfollower. I think you know about that.
    Steemfollower was a follower exchange for steem users. But, I changed that system and removed exchanging system.
    Right now, Steemfollower is a manual curation system which you can upvote good contents.
    (Steemfollower is free!)
    Development of Steemfollower stopped and I'm working on Steemclient

  2. Steemauto:


    Steemauto is my second project which is announced officially. Steemauto is an open source project.
    Steemauto can help steem users to do some jobs easier and automatically on steem blockchain.
    For example, you can use it to publish your posts in the future time, claim your rewards automatically, curation trail, fanbase, comment upvoting, and etc.
    More features and improvements are in the way. (Steemauto is free and unlimited!)

  3. Steemclient:


    Steemclient is one of my biggest projects so far and its development is in progress. Steemclient is an open source project.
    Steemclient will be a full functionality web client for steem blockchain with easy to use interface and secure system. Include some extra features.
    I'm working on it and soon I will make a great team for this project. (if interested, pm me)
    I will announce more about Steemclient after writing a whitepaper for this great project. I think we can use an SMT (Smart Media Token) in Steemclient for rewarding users.
    I believe we can develop it better than other interfaces so far build for steem blockchain.
    Any contributions (suggestion or development) are welcome.
    Steemclient will be free!

Minor projects:

  1. Witness missing blocks notification bot in discord and #witness-blocks channel on the for witnesses.
  2. A simple downvote bot for @spaminator project. (thanks to @patrice for this great project)
  3. A simple transaction checker for @discordiant (MSP Anti-Abuse Team)
  4. A discord auto upvoting bot based on Nodejs. voter.js
    (If you want to use an upvote bot, use cosgrove, thanks to @inertia)
  5. Some minor developments.

All of my developments (main, minor or, requested projects) are free and I will never try to earn money directly from using those developments.
I believe hard work with good work can make things better. At least I will try to make them better.
Let's make steem great.

Support me by voting me as a witness.

Easier way for voting me: Click here
(steemconnect is secure and trustworthy)

Open, scroll down, type mahdiyari and once click on the vote button. Only once!!! don't click on green button after voting. it will unvote.




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