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A lovely journey by boat in search of Batticaloa's Kalladi beach in Sri Lanka...


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Hello Wonderful OCD Community,

Welcome to my today's travel blog. This travel experience was my second episode of Batticaloa trip. Yesterday I posted 1st episode where I went Batticaloa beach and dutch fort location. There are more Tamil people living in Batticaloa city and nearest villages. So they speak from Tamil language. In my childhood I knew few number of Tamil words because I learned Tamil from my school age. But I didn't use it long time ago. So I didn't remember any Tamil words. Then I can't speak Tamil language. However I learnt their tradition and culture. Sometimes I talked with villagers through hand signs. It's very easy way to communicate each others.


We came to beach for enjoy boat safari where we went Kalladi area. Actually Kalladi is a fishery village. There we lot of dried fish in front of poor houses and the beach. The weather was very good for our journey. Let's go guys....


Before went Kalladi beach from boat I had experienced about boat safaris on the ocean.I watched whales in Mirissa area located in Down south of Sri Lanka. So I didn't vomit this moment. But two of our friends vomited hardly because it was their first boat safari experience.


Our boat drive very fast. So we came to the middle of the ocean. The sunlight created awesome reflects to the ocean water. That was pretty stunning moment. I could see tourism bungalow in front of us. Go ahead....


We were reach to the Kalladi area. Now you can see Kalladi bridge recently built. After finished 30 years war against LTTE terrorists everywhere developed very quickly. We can satisfy with it because we're proud nation.


Omg....we were under the Kalladi bridge. It was much longest bridge I have seen where it built between two lands on the ocean. I don't know how many distance of this bridge. I couldn't find distance from book or other guidance. There are mangrove eco system automatically growing. I looked some of fresh water fishermen did their job using some tricks.


Sri Lanka very popular for coconut plantation. So you can seem more coconut trees on the land. Coconut plants faster growing nearest salt water. The fisherman didn't stop his effort. Come on man....


Because of its proximity to salt water, it is also a habitat for crabs. They live in these small pits. As soon as we saw the crab hiding, the photo could not be captured.


That moment there wasn't any rainy four months ago. But mangrove plants doesn't care it because they're growing continuously.


These island very cool destination for tourists. I heard some bird's noises very clearly. Those noises very sweet for our ears. Whole area surrounded by mangrove plants. We walked only few long inside island. But our time was goes quickly. So returned back and leaved from awesome island. Finally we came our starting point. Exactly that was my interesting journey. Thanks for visiting. See you again. Please be safe and stay healthy.


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