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Internets of Value : MMOs to MMRTESs


5 months ago2 min read

The Internet was built for communication. It was obvious from the very beginning that peer-to-peer exchanges would quickly turn into a database-driven information age.

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We now have witnessed at least our second brain-generation who grew up with full digital access. And yet, we as a society (as a whole) still do not acknowledge the importance of intellectual property beyond what we can see, touch and feel.

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This is a greater problem than most top leaders realize. Fortunately, there is a subtle fix that has emerged and will be hard to displace. No, I am not specifically pointing to crypto. Yes, crypto is a solution for our lack-of-assigned-valule information age.

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Crypto and full-service creative platforms must become part of the Internet of Things. They will be part of the Internet of Value, but let’s keep the cost out of the range of blood money and find early acceptance/adoption of it alongside the IoT moving forward.

If you like the idea presented here, that of Massively Multiplayer Real-Time Economic Strategy platform (MMRTES) in Prospectors and want me there with you, simply use my referral link . You’ll be listed on my in-game account so I can easily see the portion of the tax revenue that goes to me instead of getting burned.

This is also a way to forge a strong network. It also makes for good conversation on social media like say on the upcoming Voice platform.

BTW, Steem Monsters has made a lot of improvements. It wouldn't surprise me if players become capable of adding comments during battles :) Message/comment me if you like this idea as well.

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