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Rainbow Tree


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Rainbow Tree - Hahnemühle watercolor paper 300 g/m² 30x40 cm, Sonnet studio watercolors, drawing ink, Pigma Micron 03, sounds of BTS, and hovering above paper a few centimetres focus

When life sucks, make a rainbow tree! The black tree trunk represents the difficulties, darkness, struggles, roadblocks, anger, and fear we face every day. Especially this year. But, where there is darkness, there is also the light that balances it out. There are colors and texture woven through the hardships. Hidden lessons waiting to be discovered and grokked to fullness while we find ourselves seemingly trapped in what feels like a perpetual loop of misery and confinement against our will.

So much longing to break through. So much helplessness. When will it end? Isn’t it crazy to think of the freedom we once had? How much do we trap ourselves with our choices too? How much do we let our fears and comfort dictate where we are in the world and our lives? I long so much to break the destructing loop now, to step into the unknown that scares the living hell out of me. Being comfortable only means slowly and peacefully going towards the inevitable end. Is that all there is? Is that all we want? It doesn’t have to be. Adventures are out there! I want to see the world and what’s left of its beauty! So if I got to become a vagabonder to do so, that is what I will work toward. For a while at least. Silly? A bit insane? Maybe. Maybe not. But have you ever wanted to just pack your bag and head out there? All the places you will go.

It’s the fear and voices of others stopping us to walk through the door sometimes. It reminds me of my first ever hike alone on the mountain just a year ago. I was terrified, I was told not to do it, but I did it anyway and I am so glad I had experience in my life. I still hike that mountain in my mind from time to time. It is calling me. It is everywhere in the world. And I can’t resist it for too long. I hope I can pack my bag soon.

Song of the day: BTS - FAKE LOVE (Rocking Vibe Mix)


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