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Some questions about the battles of Drugwars


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After discovering that the drugwars prize pool has less and less steems, I spent all the chance to recover funds and expand troops. After I created a gang named DRAGON, I begin to know about some of the battle rules.

发现drugwars奖金池越来越少之后,一直埋头回本和造兵,没有去掠夺其他玩家的资源,建立帮会后,以后总难免涉及到战斗,开始了解一些战斗规则,尤其是看了@deanliu[DrugWars] 戰鬥的邏輯,更新!『矛B盾R』之后。分享一些个人看法。


1.Combat investigation

Send a hobo or rowdy to investigate the strength and resources of the opponent, then decide whether to launch a formal attack on the opponent depending on the situation.

1. 战斗侦查



2. Battle simulation

After you know about the strength and resources of the opponent, you decide to launch the attack, then use the simulator provided by Drugwars for actual combat simulation.

2.1. Entering the simulation

Click on "battles", then click on "fight" and click on "Access to the Fight simulator" at the bottom of the page.

2. 战斗模拟


2.1. 进入模拟

点击“battles”,再点击“fight”,在该页面的最下方再点击 “Access to the Fight simulator”。

2.2. Select version

After entering the "Fight simulator", there are currently two versions of the Fight simulator alternative. Click "Try the next version of the simulator" to enter the current version "DrugWars fight simulator v0.0.16"


进入“Fight simulator”后,目前有两种版本的Fight simulator备选,点击“Try the next version of the simulator”进入目前的版本“DrugWars fight simulator v0.0.16”

2.3. Simulated battle

In the place where the number after the name of each unit is "0", enter the data according to the investigation and your own force, and then click the "Submit" at the bottom to start the simulation.

2.3. 模拟对战


The two versions of the battle rules vary greatly, and different versions may have different war outcomes. Be sure to choose the correct version for the simulation.


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