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Life is an arrival

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The road to life is divided into several sections, each of which has an understanding of each paragraph. As a child, we simply walked on the road, playing and laughing, happy and worry-free, at the beginning of the world, with curiosity and freshness of the world, is the starting point of life.
In our youth, we are full of passion, striving forward for the sake of beauty, and we are full of endless efforts and high aspirations.
When people are in middle age, such as the midday sun, the most urgent and most tiring, look forward, hope and sorrow, look back, no retreat, only take responsibility on the shoulders, no hesitation, all the way forward. In old age, the pace is stable, no longer tangled for getting and losing. At this time, we have already had insight into the world and awakened to life. The most beautiful sunset is the sun, the smile is calm, and the beauty of life is unobstructed.

There are three realms in life. Seeing mountains is mountains, watching water is water, watching mountains is not mountains, watching water is not water, watching mountains is mountains, watching water is water, no matter which layer, there are different stages of comprehension at different stages.
No matter which step in your life, some people are looking up to you, and some people are looking down on you. You look up and feel inferior and bow your head. Only by looking at you can you see yourself.
There are thousands of ways in life. If you are narrow, your road will become narrower and narrower. If you open up, the future will be sunny. Life is infinitely dangerous. If you work hard, you can see the most beautiful scenery. There is no regret when you pay; as long as you are willing to climb, you will reach the peak. The road is at the foot, the courage is in the heart, since the direction is chosen, it is only the wind and rain.

The scenery of life is different. We are all fascinated all the way, all the way to pick up all the way to discard, near, far, come, go, are common.
The most beautiful life is calm and calm, the most beautiful is not the scenery, but the mood of watching the scenery, the most precious is not the end, but the process of walking all the way.
Life is an arrival, there is always a good for you to stop, there is always a distance to give you hope, there is always a future worthy of the future, I hope you can go without hesitation, calm and calm.
There are thousands of roads in life. We have been on the road, sweating and watering hope. Although there will be such a disappointment on this road, we still firmly believe that there will be happiness I want in the distance.


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